For Photographers by a Photographer

Welcome to my creative space called Knoxville Studios, which I created to be a one stop shop for other photographers and another creative outlet for me as an artist.  The concept evolved into the creation of a second company called Knoxville Studios, which is comprised of a photography training series named the Aspire Wedding Photography Workshops.   

The last part of this creative space is dedicated to the creation of photo editing presets tailored for wedding and portrait photographers.  The presets are a nostalgic authentic film emulation Lightroom Presets that put mood, dimension and depth into every image.

Aspire Wedding Workshops

Aspire Wedding Photography Workshops was created as a way to give back and teach aspiring photographers that are looking to break into the wedding photography world.  Sure, there are plenty of wedding photography workshops out there, but the problem for most new photographers is being able to afford the attendance at one of the big name workshops.  So the problem continues that they go without good training and have difficulty in finding a mentor or professional in the field that is willing to teach them.  

Aspire is meant to be reasonable priced while being packed with information and real life experience training by staging mock weddings and scenarios that a photographer will face on a wedding day.  Replicating as real of an experience as possible, where it is okay for you to explore and take a risk as a photographer who is honing their craft and learning lighting, exposure, posing and all that goes into a wedding shoot.  When I first found an interest in wedding photography work, I remember how difficult it was to find an affordable and informative training that offered the experience that Aspire does.  Aspire is a concept in training that will include other future training workshops on specialized topics, such as off camera lighting, night photography, reception photography, posing, etc.

Knoxville Studios

Tired of boring editing styles, Derek formulated a set of nostalgic film based presets that put mood, dimension and depth into every image. These presets are a solid base for any photographer and are versatile for almost any application. The presets can be tweaked to your liking and color balance adjusted to get the exact look you are going for to match your style and brand of photography.