Aspire Photography Workshops


Aspire Photography Workshop series was created by Derek Halkett in 2017 with the goal of sharing his expertise and knowledge with aspiring photographers looking to begin their wedding photography careers. The goal is for our workshops to inspire, motivate and point each and every one of our students in the right direction to begin or further their career in wedding photography.
In an industry that is often times saturated with photographers, how does one set themselves apart from the pack. Dare to be different, dare to explore and try things that no one else is even thinking of. Practice your craft. If you want to be a professional, you have to act like a professional. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to project the right image and a brand that is true to you.
You will get discouraged, you will think your work is terrible and you will feel like you want to quit. I remind you that you will feel this way at almost any job that you want to have success with and are passionate about. The beauty of being a photographer is you and only you, are in control of your creative destiny. You have complete control over the direction of your work and you are your own boss. Seize the moment and capture the day how you would want your day captured.

Upcoming Workshops

Photo Walk | Spring 2019

Wedding Boot Camp | Fall 2019

Off Camera Lighting | TBD

Styled Model Shoot | TBD

Aspire Photography Workshops